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Exceed Traditional Network Planning & Management

A communications provider’s ability to profitably serve its customers depends upon having the right network resources available in the right place at the right time. Too little capacity results in delays in implementing new services, and too much wastes capital investment. Featuring an intuitive graphical user interface, SpatialENGINEER solves the planning, documentation and management problems of telecommunications networks.

Designed to empower outside plant engineers, SpatialENGINEER provides the ability to quickly evaluate and groom networks to meet changing customer demands and the resulting capacity challenges of today’s communications providers. Add on modules (Reports and Broadband Qualification) provide provisioning personnel with the ability to determine which customers qualify for which services, based on network engineering parameters.

Features & Benefits:

  • Predefined and extensible library that supports the design of copper, coaxial, fiber optic and hybrid networks
  • Easy to use interface providing numerous productivity enhancements for data capture and editing
  • Customizable architecture allowing for configuration of many areas of the application including symbology and attribute creation
  • Rich RF/coax functionality including cascade level, powering and noise/reach calculations
  • Unparalleled copper engineering tool set including Loop Make Up, Advanced Ripple, and Capacity Analysis
  • Advanced fiber engineering tools including Fiber Splice Diagramming, Loss Budget, Splitter/Port configuration
  • Asset Assignment capabilities for copper, fiber (PON, SONET, point-to-point), and coax networks
  • Open architecture and integration-friendly API’s enable sharing of critical network data

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