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SpatialNAVIGATOR Dispatch

Efficiently Manage Technicians and Work Orders

Communications companies rely on their force of field technicians to install and service customers, make repairs to outside plant resources and proactively monitor the condition of critical plant equipment and facilities. Managing their appointment schedules and work assignments is one of the operations department’s highest priorities. The SpatialNAVIGATOR Dispatch module provides a simple and flexible interface for viewing and managing the workload of field personnel.

Assignment of personnel to tasks is accomplished by maintaining two dynamic lists: one for the available technicians, and the other the activity to be scheduled and completed for the day. Work assignments can quickly adapt to unexpected changes in crew availability to minimize disruption to work already in progress. The spatial attributes of both the field people and the unassigned tasks allow the resource allocation problem to be viewed in a map-based context.


  • Automatically assign a crew when a work order is created
  • Match technician's skills to specific work orders
  • Interface with the Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) module to track a crew’s location
  • Link to Service Order and Trouble Management systems for updates on the status of individual work orders


  • Optimize field force utilization by routing the closest technician to a particular job
  • Provides the capability to assign technicians with specific skill sets, ensuring that the right people are on the right job
  • Reduce costs travel time so technicians spend more time serving customers

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